About Smile Board

About Smile Board

        After 20 years of experience as a leading global technology enterprise operating in wood-based panel industry, Panel World Co., Ltd was established in 2006. The company is dedicated to manufacturing superior quality cement-boned particleboard, particularly wood replacement products ideally suited for residential, commercial and industrial applications through an unrivalled commitment to quality customized manufacturing and continuous product development.


        With the installation of the most advanced techology and innovation at all level of its production facilities , Panel Wolrd became the largest cement - bonded particleboard manufacturer in Thailand and one of the the largest manufacturers in Southeast Asia under the brand name SMILE BOARD.


Vision statement

To be recognized as leading cement-bonded particle board in Asia Pacific and the trusted firm for our agent and client in worldwide business.

Mission statement

We are committed to manufacturing and provided the prime quality product by using latest manufacturing technology and superior quality of material complimented with the finest skill of wood based panel producer.

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